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How to create Korean scroll sets?

Korean scrolls combine calligraphy and illustrations and are painted or stamped on rolls of paper or silk. They scroll little by little revealing romantic or epic stories or illustrating religious texts or legends.

With this resource you can create your own Korean scrolls! There are three scrolls, one vertically on the left, one horizontally in the middle and one vertically on the right. You can use the text tool to write your own message on each scroll.

Enter your Korean text in each of the three scrolls. You can also change the color of the text and background. Then decide if you want the middle banner to read left to right or right to left. After that, hit the generate button and you're done!

You can create them as one image or three different images to share on Facebook, Twitter and other social media or just print out to keep. The images are all ready to go and different sizes. Just choose the size you need and download the PDF. The largest image can print out on one banner per A4 sheet.


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