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We have more than 15 resources and apps available to help learn. teach or write Korean. Our Korean apps and resources range from very simple apps (such as the "Count Korean Text" or "Change Orientation" apps) to amazing worksheet or wordsearch generators which are all completely customizable and printable. Most of these resources can be used by students or teachers but we do have some resources that will be useful for native or fluent Korean speakers (for example the "Convert Korean to Unicode"). All of these apps and resources will work with most modern browsers and are super user friendly

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Korean Converters


Turn your Korean text into an image that can be used on social media or as a web signature with this resource. Choose the font and colors, then enter your Korean text. You will see the result as an image. This app is useful for people who want to print their name in Korean or whose computer doesn't display Hangul or Hanja. There are lots of different Korean fonts available and the option to change the text and background colors. The image can be saved as jpeg, png or bmap.


Korean, along with other languages with large amounts of unique characters, have problems when adapting to use online, particularly with computers or systems that don't have Korean characters installed. Problems can arise with transliteration and romanization. Unicode was intended to solve all encoding problems over all languages. This resource converts Korean to Unicode and will also convert Unicode into Korean. Thsi is useful for native or fluent Korean speakers who want to use Korean online.


Input your Korean text, and the resource will show you how many Hangul characters it contains. This resource is useful for native or fluent Korean speakers and anyone who wants to keep track of their Korean writing.


Enter your Korean text and you will be able to change its orientation on the page, from left to right or right to left or top to bottom (left to right) or top to bottom (right to left). You can then save it as a text, image, or PDF. This app allows you to edit Korean text to use the correct display format you need.


With this converter you can convert Chinese characters or pinyin to Hangul. Hangul is the native, alphabetic character writing system used in Korea. Whilst Hanji, the Sino-Korean script, is used in more formal settings, Hangul is used more widely. There are variety of different options available and this is extremely useful for anyone who wants to convert text between the two Korean writing systems.

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