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Type In Korean Hangul - This tool allows you to type in Hangul using a normal keyboard or from selecting the individual letters at the top.

Romanise Korean Text - This tool allows you to convert text from Korean into the Latin alphabet (same alphabet that English uses)

Numbers To Korean Numbers - Enter arabic numbers (1323) and turn them into Korean numbers. There is also the option to turn Korean numbers into arabic numbers.

Korean To Unicode - Turn all Korean into Unicode and then Unicode into Korean.

Change Korean Text Orientation - Enter Korean text and you can change the orientation from left to right to right to left or top to bottom (left to right) or top to bottom (right to left). You can then output it as text, image or PDF. This tool means that you will be always able to edit Japanese text to use the correct display format.

Korean Font As Image - Choose the font and then choose the colours and enter the text and you can see Japanese as an image. This is useful for people who want to print their Korean name or their computer can't show Hangul or Hanja. There are lots of different Korean fonts available and the option to change the text and background colours as well as ouput as jpeg, png and Bmap.

Count Korean Text - Input Japanese text and you can see how many Hangul and English letters are in the text.

Create Your Own Korean Scrolls - This is for the option of creating sets of three Korean scrolls. You can add your text, choose whether to the text black or gold and how large you want them to print. You can also print them so that that each banner is A4 size. You can use Hangul or Hanja.

Chinese To Hangeul

Learn Korean PDF Worksheet tools:

Learn Korean Practise Writing Sheets - Create worksheets for practising writing Korean with different font options. You can then trace over the text as well as adding romanisation and there is lots of customisation available.

Jumble Up Korean Sentences - Change the order of Korean sentences to create worksheets. When printing you have the option for how many worksheets you print and how many "with answers"

Korean Sentence Fill In The Gap - Enter Korean sentences then click on words for students to later select. The text will appear with gaps for the words to be entered and the words will appear at the end in a random order. When printing you have the option for how many worksheets you print and how many "with answers"

Korean Sentence Create Empty Spaces - This tool is designed to help you create worksheets where you want students to come up with their own word. An example sentence that it could help is creating something like I like playing  the ___________(instrument) where the student could fill in an answer for where they are going. It's very simple to use, you just select the word that you want to create brackets around and an empty space.

Korean Random Number Bingo Sheet Creator - Enter a range of numbers in Korean (like 1-300) and you can generate random bingo sheets with the numbers in different locations on each sheet. You are able to print an answers sheet too which has the arabic numbers with the Japanese numbers in the same squares. This is a great way of testing knowledge of Korean numbers.

Korean Number Bingo Sheet Creator - This tool is the same as the random number tool but instead of entering a range of numbers, you enter specific numbers (ie 9, 10, 100, 200, 300) etc to test knowledge of those specific numbers.


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