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Type in Korean keyboard

Does Korean have an alphabet?

Hangul is the writing system for Korean. It consists of 24 letters. It was invented in the 15th century by King Sejong the Great. King Sejong wanted to create a writing system that was easy for people to learn,

The complicated thing about Korean writing is that it's about how the Korean letters go together as a mix of vowels and consonants. When Hangul letters are combined, they are usually combined vertically as one syllable.

How to type in Korean using our keyboard?

This keyboard has special keys that allow you to type Korean letters and have your text displayed correctly written in Korean (Hangul).

Using our Hangul keyboard, you can type in Korean by pressing the keys that correspond to the Hangul characters. For example, to type "안녕하세요," you would press the "ㅇ" key, then the "ㅏ" key, then the "ㄴ" key, and so on.

You may use it with any web browser, and there is no need for additional software or apps on Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

User-friendly is our aim

To use our online Korean keyboard, you can either type letter combinations or click on the Korean letters that you want to insert into the text

Select the text size that is most comfortable for you by selecting the icon with "Aa". When you have finished creating your text in Korean, press the "copy" option at the bottom right and then paste it into your document.

Does this keyboard work in all browsers?

This keyboard works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, or any others). It's not Java or flash based so should be compatible with most devices, desktop and mobile.

Why is Korean so complicated to type?

Korean is a very unique and interesting language, but it can be challenging to type as it uses an alphabet that was specifically created for Korean. It is one of the only languages in the world that the spoken language existed before the written language. Before the Hangul alphabet was created, Korean used Chinese characters for sound but not meaning. This typing app only works for Hangul and not the Sino-Korean characters which are still used in Korean.

Does this resource work with Korean dictation?

Currently it's through typing or selecting the right Korean letters. We hope in future to offer a speech-to-text Korean app.


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